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Consulting and Support

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Consulting & Support
The Certus Group was established in Bermuda which headquarters a number of companies in the financial sector, insurance industry and other organizations with the objective of bringing world class technology consulting services to Bermuda. However, the company has also been able to leverage it's expert and highly experienced team to deliver senior consulting services to the United Kingdom, Canada, USA and across regions globally competing with consulting companies in these markets. By carefully designing our business model, we have been able to consistently deliver quality consulting services without the exorbitant pricing usually associated with comparable senior consulting teams.
Our Team
We have assembled a team that:
  • consists of senior client focused consultants
  • is available 24/7 to give support which is particularly beneficial during financial reporting periods,
  • eliminates rebills due to ‘band-aid’ fixes by solving problems comprehensively the first time,
  • has global support infrastructure for international offices of Bermuda companies,
  • provides flexible terms of business to clients via an array of available choices,
  • has significantly reduced charges compared to other Bermuda providers,
  • has no ‘monthly fixed standby charges’ for merely being available when needed,
  • provides accurate initial estimates thus avoiding over budget and over time situations.

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